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“I feel fresh all day. I feel that my skin breathes better and it makes me feel safe to put chemical-free deodorant on a daily basis ”

—Aliq, 31yrs, WSH Practitioner

“I never liked going to places with no cool environments as it makes me perspire like crazy and have that unpleasant smell. Blame it on the genes? Maybe. Thanks to my Encik's recommendation of Twisted Dua 100% natural deo...I still sweat like crazy but at least the smell is not present anymore ”

—Zhi An, SCDF NSmen

“I never knew about chemical-free deodorant until I was introduced to it by Twisted Dua. It works really well and my skin feels way better now. It keeps me fresh the whole day. Going natural really makes a difference to my body. Love it!"

— Shah Ridzuan, 28yrs, Financial Manager

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"One bottle can last a really long time for one person! 
This is the best deo i have ever tried so i will definitely by once my stash runs out, thank you for making this. It is a life changer:)

- Huda (Singapore)

Thank you so much for your lovely note,  & discount coupon that was included in with my Twisted Dua deodorants! That was so kind  x 

Luv my Twisted Dua goodies!!!

P.S – ‘luv the ‘Sloth’ artwork by Hadi Daniel on the packages too , it’s very cool ! 

Best Wishes, & Take good care


Rhythm (Kaikoura, New Zealand)

"I LOVE all your products! I want them every month for a whole year!"

Mirna (Singapore)

 I think yrs is really better than the commercial ones cos I tested it on my armpits and chest. Took it for a mountain bike ride and I purposely didn't bath after the ride and continue my activities till night. I asked my friends if I smell but they said No. Normal. "

Hassan, (Singapore)

"This is the best deodorant I've ever used!" 

Afat, SCDF (Singapore)

"Somedays I forgot to use my deodorant and realised I do not stink at all - all day- since I've switched to your natural deodorant! And they smell really good. I love it so much." 

Jerri (Singapore)

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